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Album Art window - Displays album art included in the Mp3 file or will display any of the following " folder.jpg , folder.png , folder.gif or folder.bmp " images that are in the folder of the file playing.
Moveable song display shown above displays the current song.
Peak Audio Level Meters - (Feature only available on Win 7 or above).
Playlist editor - Scan selected paths for music on your computer,Create Edit Playlists.

Create as many playlists as you like.
Skinable with msstyles files available from various sources on the web.
4  skins are included in the current version.
Built in Tag Editor : Add and Edit MP3 Tags, Add album art to mp3 files.
Fortissimo can also run from the system tray alone or with the song display and or album cover window active.
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A skinable easy to use media player with playlist support,, playlist search and more.
For - Windows Xp , Xp X64 , Vista , Windows 7,.8 and 10 (32 or 64 bit versions)
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Screen Shots
Search Wikipedia for artist.
Move Playlist items up or down in the list .
Sort Playlist function.
Queue songs from playlist or send to player queue from playlist editor.
Volume.Mute and Balance Controls.
Add up to 10 search paths or drives.
Full Playlist Search.
Filter playlist Search function. (Only show songs with the search keyword).
Recent Playlists (Lets you easily select from your last 10 recent playlists).
View Tag and other file information.
Add to Playlist from any playlist.
Updating Fortissimo is easy with Check for updates in options.
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